TestingUy came back strong on its tenth anniversary!


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On Friday, April 12, 2024, we held TestingUy, the most important software testing and quality event in LATAM.

This great gathering took place on the 22nd floor of the World Trade Center, Montevideo, Uruguay.


We celebrated 10 years of TestingUy with the virtual and in-person participation of over 1,300 people, who enjoyed a day filled with testing, organized by JigsoLabs, CES, and QAlified. 

In this blog, we’ll share a brief overview of what this great day entailed.

The day officially kicked off with Dona Sarkar, Chief Troublemaker of the Copilot and AI Extensibility Program at Microsoft USA, who led a talk on testing in the era of artificial intelligence


The event continued with an enriching panel on leadership in testing, moderated by Mercedes Quintero, where Guino Henostroza, Mariana Travieso, Sebastián Medeglia, and Ursula Bartram shared their experiences, offering valuable insights into leading teams in this dynamic and constantly evolving field.

After a well-deserved coffee break, the day picked up with the organization of Open Spaces. Experts in automation and performance testing, led by Diego Gawenda and Gustavo Mažeikis respectively, were available to exchange knowledge and answer questions. During these interactive sessions, participants discussed topics related to test automation and application performance.

Later, the afternoon continued with fun activities like “100 Testers Say” led by Gastón Marichal, Marcos Manicera, and “Software Construction and Testing” with Karen Amaro, Malva Tajam, which combined learning with fun.


The first workshop of the day, led by Arcadio Abad and Laura Gayo, focused on providing practical tools for web accessibility. Participants had the opportunity to explore key testing techniques to ensure their applications and websites are accessible to all, through practical exercises and teamwork.

Meanwhile, at the Expo Zone, Leandro Melendez, also known as “Señor Performo”, conducted interviews with prominent industry professionals, including Gustavo Mažeikis, expert in Performance Testing, Leonardo Corrales, COO & Partner at Quassure, and Delvis Echeverría, QA Manager at Xplor and Founder of SWFL TECH NIGHTS.

Throughout the afternoon, participants enjoyed activities like “Bingo of Testing 2.0” and “Testing Stopwatch Trivia“. Additionally, specialized workshops were offered, such as addressing security testing for authentication and authorization, led by Sebastián Passaro of GeneXus Consulting and OWASP.


Alfonsina Morgavi led a crucial workshop on identifying and managing risks in software testing projects. She emphasized the importance of anticipating and addressing risks effectively for project success, discussing various types of risks and the need for dynamic management that adapts to changes.

The day concluded with a panel discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence on testing, moderated by Guillermo Skrilec, featuring Damián Pereira, Elianne Elbaum, Federico Moreira, and Federico Toledo. Finally, an interview with Maximiliano Mannise, conducted by Claudia Badell, provided a unique insight into prominent projects in the testing world, inspiring attendees to continue innovating and growing in this field.

From QAlified, we want to thank everyone who made TestingUy a success. Thanks to all collaborators, speakers, sponsoring companies, and especially to all attendees who joined this great event, whether in person or remotely. 

See you at the next TestingUy!