Test Consulting and Workshops

We offer testing and software quality consulting for any type of challenges, whether they involve forming a testing team, defining a plan, or improving existing processes.


Through personalized consulting on testing and software quality, we take our knowledge to all types of organizations.

There are different scenarios in which these types of consultancies have an added value: for example, when creating a testing team, or when defining a software quality plan in the context of a project.

As a result of consulting, a methodological basis is established so that the organization can continue operating independently.


The Workshop method allows you to deal with a new or problematic discipline by putting concepts into practice within a project or a real life situation.

It is a very efficient method when it comes to incorporating new testing techniques and tools because it relies on the experience of a specialist to accompany the process.

We have experience in different disciplines, all of which can be approached using a workshop method:

  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Unit testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Test automation
  • Test Management
  • Improving testing processes