Security Testing

We evaluate security to look for any vulnerabilities in order to avoid potential cyber attacks threatening the integrity and security of the system.

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An increase in the number of security incidents related to systems and their impact on organizations is one of today’s greatest concerns.

Any system that handles sensitive or confidential information is at risk of being attacked and breached if the necessary precautions are not taken.

Every day, there are new ways to attack a system; therefore, being up to date in terms of security is a task that must be included in the software development lifecycle.

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A system diagnosis in terms of security makes it possible to know the extent to which that system is protected, and determines what needs to be improved.

Using an approach based on security tests, it is possible to identify the vulnerabilities in a system; joining this with a priorization of the business risks, the solution’s real threats can be determined.

These types of tests are carried out based upon the Top 10 OWASP ranking, which elaborates on the most common vulnerabilities in systems.