Accessibility Testing Service

We encourage the release of inclusive software that can be used by people with disabilities.

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An application meant for everyone must take into account that 15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability (information from the World Bank).

In today’s world, organizations providing more opportunities for people with disabilities through software will have a considerable competitive advantage.

Given that software is everywhere, this inclusion largely depends on applications.

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Both web and mobile applications can have a wider reach if they take accessibility into account and if they are designed for anyone to use them.

Within internal systems, this quality attribute makes it possible for an organization to improve its inclusion of people with disabilities, providing them with the tools necessary to work.

At QAlified, we contribute towards improving the accessibility of a system by using assessments that combine the use of automatic tools focused on verifying guides and standards as well as by executing validations in specific scenarios.

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Technical Details

Integral Approach

Tests are performed using an integral approach, considering aspects related to form and content.

  • Automatic revision tools are used to both evaluate the implementation of a solution and carry out a technical diagnosis.
  • With the purpose of evaluating the system’s correctness, test scenarios are executed for different types of disabilities, simulating the user’s interaction.

International Standards

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To carry out these types of evaluations, international standards such as the «Web Content Accessibility Guidelines» (WCAG) are taken as a reference.


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