Ensuring the Quality of Uruguay's Education Systems


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Ceibal was created in 2007 as an inclusion and equal opportunity plan with the aim of supporting Uruguayan educational policies with technology.

The organization has various systems that improve the learning process as well as the management of students, teachers, and educational centers.

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QAlified has participated in testing activities in collaboration with the Ceibal team to conduct tests on different critical systems.

Automated UI and API tests were performed on several Ceibal systems, and collaboration was provided in the installation and configuration of CI/CD execution environments such as Jenkins for the continuous execution of these tests. Additionally, collaboration was provided in generating processes, documents, templates, and automation standards to unify the way Ceibal approaches automated testing projects.

Accessibility testing instances were carried out on different systems to assess their compliance with global accessibility standards such as the WCAG 2.1.

Furthermore, ongoing assignments of manual functional testing were conducted on various web systems, mobile applications, and chatbots.

Technologies and tools

  • Selenium WebDriver (Java)
  • Playwright
  • Jenkins
  • TestNG
  • Maven
  • BrowserStack
  • WCAG 2.1
  • Axe Accessibility tool
  • Wave Accessibility Evaluation Tool
  • Chatbots


  • The conducted tests cover web applications, mobile applications, and chatbots used by students throughout Uruguay.
  • QAlified has participated in different projects, automating over 150 UI and API tests that are executed continuously.
  • Automation assets, templates, and reusable components were created to facilitate adoption and expedite the implementation of these practices in new projects.
  • Automation flows were migrated from legacy tools to more stable and modern frameworks.
  • Accessibility tests were performed on some of Ceibal's most important systems, improving their integration with individuals with disabilities.


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