Solution for the COVID-19 Vaccination Schedule Management System in Uruguay


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Solution implemented to manage the COVID-19 vaccination schedule management system for the entire Uruguayan population.

Scalable system with different cloud and local components to manage the different solution channels: Web, Chatbot and native Apps.

Personal de la salud vacunando contra Covid19


QAlified performed testing and quality assurance activities for the solution, from its conception through the maintenance stage.

Different tests were performed at different levels, starting with unit tests for the different components, continuing with integrated tests, and finishing up with tests for the system and its interoperability with the scheduling system and the different communication channels (Web, Chatbot, Apps).

The solution included AWS components, among them different APIs and message queues tasked with receiving scheduling requests. These requests are processed by the scheduling component, which assigns slots based on different criteria including the date of entry, groups of individuals to be prioritized, and vaccination types, among other aspects.

For the API, automated tests were implemented using Postman to evaluate the different scenarios.

The scheduling component was tested using different testing techniques to ensure coverage of the different conditions and states an individual might go through when coordinating the schedule.

Due to an increasing demand of the population wanting to be scheduled, load and stress tests were performed to ensure the scalability of the system, with response times of less than one second when simulating high concurrency scenarios.

As part of the solution, a Dashboard was included with access to different queries to make decisions about how to distribute doses among the different vaccination centers.  The tests were also performed at a database level and for the visualization of the information to ensure the consistency and integrity of the information presented to users.

Technologies and tools

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS Platform)
  • GeneXus
  • Postman
  • Apache JMeter
  • Blazemeter
  • PostgreSQL


  • The system could be released for the Web channel and for a WhatsApp Chatbot, which made it accessible to all Uruguayans.
  • Tests were performed during the development process, which allowed for the system to be put into production within days.
  • The solution made it possible for more than 1 million people to register to receive the vaccine.
  • Tests were executed simulating more than 3 million requests within one hour, with response times staying under one second.
  • The system was optimized to withstand more than 1,800 requests per second.


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