Testing & QA Services

Functional Testing

By using formal testing techniques for implementing a controlled process in combination with other exploratory techniques, our team of experts is capable of detecting critical errors in different stages of the software development cycle, to then suggest improvements that will enable the building of quality solutions with increased user satisfaction.

At QAlified, we have vast experience in the testing of large critical systems of different industries and businesses. We are used to joining different development teams subject to various working methods in order to enhance their capabilities and to test and validate solutions of our own or third-party solutions.

Mobile Testing

Mobile applications introduce new challenges when it comes to guaranteeing their functions and compatibility on platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows, among others. There are different variables, such as connectivity, device orientation, OS versions, and the context where applications are used, that turn a solution’s quality assurance into an increasingly complex task.

To carry out this type of tests, we have a Mobile Testing Framework that enables the efficient execution of tests on multiple actual devices. With a comprehensive methodology, we consider not only the functionality, but also many other factors such as response time and security.

Performance Testing

Lengthy response times usually bring along unsatisfied users. In the event of heavy workloads, a system might not be capable of covering the demand from users, thus causing lost income due to transactions that cannot be done in due time and manner.

QAlified’s team of specialists is capable of assessing your system’s performance.  We use performance, load and stress tests that emulate your system’s operation before launch.

Automated Testing

As a supplement to traditional tests, and with the purpose of reducing the time implied in the execution of regression testing, QAlified has implemented automation processes for business flows in order to achieve an early check-up of the system’s most critical functionalities.

The approach towards an automation project includes the definition of goals, the selection of tools to be used, and the definition of a process for attaining the objectives set forth, considering also the maintenance and progress of tests.

Security Testing

In mission critical systems that deal with sensitive information it is of the essence to verify security controls in order to detect vulnerabilities or flaws. The impact of a security incident might imply very serious effects on any organization from the legal and economic perspectives.

Security testing is carried out in search for this sort of vulnerabilities and to verify the system’s security controls. The tests implemented are based on an analysis of risks and of the OWASP Top 10 ranking, which details the ten most common vulnerabilities found in web systems.

Usability & Accessibility Testing


Usability is a quality attribute that determines a software product’s capability to be understood, comprehended and applied, in addition to proving attractive to users when applied under certain circumstances.

Usability tests allow for the verification of such issues. At QAlified, we implement them through an approach that combines heuristics-based tests and tests with the application’s users.

In order to achieve increased integration, accessibility tests enable the assessment of an application to be used by individuals with specific characteristics and disabilities.

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